Rich Fishing Nets Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1999 as a trading company specialized in export business of commercial fishing net gear to worldwide.Aim to supply a high quality of fishing net and fishing twine to client,company founder Mr.Chen Zhongzhi set up his first factory “Richan Marine Technology Co.,Ltd.” at Tongan,Xiamen in 2004,factory land 4000㎡ and specialized in producing Nets,Twines and Ropes and etc good quality gears for supply to Commercial Fishing,Fishing Farming,Agriculture ,Industry Safety,Sports and etc industries.Mr.Chen Zhongzhi set up the 2nd factory,Zhangzhou Richan Marine Technology Co.,Ltd.in 2006,factory land 60,000㎡,which started full operation operate fully from 2007.

Ever since the foundation in 1999, Rich Fishing/Richan Marine are aimed at continuously quality improvement and continuously customer service improvement.At the same time,Rich Fishing/Richan Marine concentrate investment and innovation of production equipment,to enlarge the production capacity and ability based on strict quality guarantee principle,so as to achieve the goal of complete product range with wide range of specification and punctual delivery time for customers.

Rich Fishing/Richan Marine would continue its commitment on quality guarantee and innovation,reasonable price,on time delivery,excellent customer service so as to achieve win-win with customers.